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Access Control Leicester, Installation & Maintenance

Aimed primarily at the Commercial & Industrial sectors, our Access Control Systems provide simple & cost-effective access control functionality in one easy-to-use system:

access control leicesteraccess control system leicester
  • Pro-actively keep out unauthorised persons.
  • Increase the integrity of your building.
  • Reduce your risk of loss.
  • Protect Staff.
  • Limit opportunist theft.
  • Save money on reduced patrols.
  • Control access - restrict access or allow all, it's up to you
  • Save money & eliminate problems with replacement of keys.
  • Limit wasted management time. 
  • Provides an audit trail of where & when access has be granted or denied.
  • Modular system architecture means flexibility in design allowing you to start small & expand as your business grows - Only pay for what you need, when you need it.
  • User-friendly control & unlimited system dimensions with optional software.
A Typical Access Control System:
typical access control system
Access Control Systems Leicestershire & Rutland - Unlimited doors, gates & turnstiles. 
Flexible programming across access control levels. Users have access to their permitted areas only - through doors YOU designate, at times YOU specify.
Issue access control cards & key-fobs to users with user-friendly software. Control access system components including users, access doors, times, etc.
Alarms & other events can appear on the PC screen to ensure controlled access doors remain up to date with what is happening within your building.
Live review of user events so you can see who goes where & when, or if they're trying to access a door they shouldn't.
The system provides contingency for visitors who attend site for short periods of time; they can be issued an access card or key-fob which is valid for specific times only, set by you.
Access Systems may be partitioned into separate tenancies (up to 250), each capable of operating as a self-contained system. Users may be assigned permissions allowing them access to one or more tenancies including remote sites.
Door interlocking may be used in high security areas to ensure that only one door is unlocked at any one time. 
Administrator can edit easily with user-friendly access control software 
access control software
Schematic drawings make it simple to view and control 
access control software 2
Access Card Designer software for Staff & Visitor ID Card Printing
access control card designer
Repairs to existing access control systems including: Inner Range, Paxton Switch2 & Paxton Net2, TDSi, PAC, ACT, BSB Progeny, Bewator, HID, ControlSoft, Europlex, Kantech, DSX & more.
Access Control Systems cater for a complete range of installations from a single door to global, multi-site applications with the following:
  • Up to 50,000 users, 250 modules, 250 doors, 250 areas per panel.
  • Cost effective stand-alone access door modules.
  • Intelligent 4 door access modules with full offline operation.
  • Biometric Readers.
  • Lift control & interface options.
  • Anti-pass-back options & door interlock.
  • Dual user & card + PIN functionality.
  • Monitoring of door forced, door open too long,lock sense & entry/exit buttons.
  • Free access options via time zones & area status, etc.
  • Extended door access times for disabled users.
  • CCTV integration. Protect your property further.
  • Optional extra reports & communications including e-mail and/or SMS* upon events.
  • Networking of multiple sites via TCP/IP.
  • Supports a large range of Wiegand, magnetic stripe readers & other formats.
  • Monitoring of Illegal cards.
  • Powerful programming allows a full building solution including access control, the automation of lighting, heating, air-con & monitoring of critical inputs.
  Access Control Leicestershire & Rutland - Demonstrations upon request.
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